Affiliate Marketing


Make money online through Affiliate Marketing

Internet provides number of veracious ways to earn money online, one of them is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates are the people who are officially associated with business establishments to earn money online. Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning money in the form of commission for promoting or advertising other company’s products and services over the internet. In Affiliate marketing a commission amount is given to affiliates for bringing visitors, leads, sales and revenue for businesses. Affiliates are paid for driving traffic to other’s products and services. Affiliate marketing offers you an opportunity to make profit from the sale that you make.


The company for which you are doing Affiliate marketing give you commission from their profit because you help them to reach their potential customers whom they want reach. You help companies in making new consumers by attracting them toward their product and services.


In Affiliate marketing all three pillars i.e. Merchants, Affiliates and Customers enjoy equal benefits. Affiliates enjoy commission, Merchants enjoy new customers and sales and finally Customers easily avail products and services they required.


Process of Affiliate marketing:


1. Affiliates create business relationships with companies

2. Affiliates promote and advertise company’s products and services online

3. Visitors attract with advertisements and promotional programs

4. Visitors show interest in company’s products and services

5. Companies get leads

6. Potential customers purchase company’s products and services online

7. Affiliates receive commission from the company for generating sales over internet