Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors

Today, every entrepreneurs opts digital marketing strategies to beat competition and to promote their products and services on internet. Nowadays either small or big companies both are doing this to improve their website traffic and visibility in search engines result page. They want better ranking as compare to their competitor companies. In this competitive world, every business organisations wants highest sale, revenue and profit, this is only possible when the companies make efforts to defect their competitor companies. Competitor analysis is a technique of digital marketing campaign, which is used by various companies to analyse and evaluate their competitor’s market value and position. Competitor analysis benefit companies in two ways firstly, you can identify your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses and business strategies and secondly, you can determine your company’s goals and objectives accordingly. Apart from this, you can also distinguish your competitors, which you have to beat and whom you can avoid. Using competitor analysis information you can improve your business. However, every action has its reaction so; you have to be ready to face competitor’s reactions on such circumstances.


Effective process of competitor analysis:

For result oriented SEO services it is important to analysis competition and competitors, it provide you an outline how and when you have to develop and implement SEO strategies. It helps you to identify competitive keywords for your website SEO services in order to generate more traffic than your competitors. Steps for competitor analysis are:


  • Identify company’s competitors
  • Understand competitor’s strategies
  • Calculate competitor’s capabilities and skills
  • Indentify competitor’s strength and weaknesses
  • Indentify competitor’s goals and objectives
  • Recognise competitor's nature either reactive or nonreactive
  • Plan and determine your company’s goal and objective accordingly.


Hence, with Team in India SEO understand market competition better. You can avail professional competitor analysis services, to know competitors SEO marketing strategies, ranking, conversion rate and social media approach. We help you to plan and execute more effective campaigns to defect competition.