Google Algorithms


Measure and maintain your Google ranking

In order to provide better and uninterrupted search engine experience to internet users, Google had introduced its algorithm. Google updates its algorithms 500-600 times a year. Every time when Google update its algorithm, major changes occur in Google search engine rankings. When Google update its algorithm ranking of many websites get affected overnight. After Google algorithm ranking of many websites decline in SERPs. It brings fluctuations in websites traffic and visibility. Google Algorithms updates cause big impact on website popularity in Google search result.



Generally, website with low quality content, duplicate content or poor content suffers from Google Algorithms. In 2011-12 Google introduce two algorithms updates known as Google Panda and Google Penguin, they both bring massive changes in Google search results. Till now Google had release 26 updates to identify and penalise websites that has low or poor content and links. In addition to this, Google algorithms also impose penalty on the websites which have Black Hat SEO techniques.


What is Google Panda?


Google Panda is one of the Google Algorithms Update introduced in February 2011. It was discovered to offer best search engine experience and to keep an eye on the websites with poor quality content. Google update Panda regularly to identify and penalise websites with duplicate content, too much advertisements and black-hat SEO techniques. The penalised website losses its ranking in search result, although sites can recover their previous ranking but it consumes much time.


What is Google Penguin?


Google Penguin is another Google Algorithms Update introduces in April 2012. It was launched to monitor websites that has low quality links. Google Penguin impose penalty on websites that don’t follow the guidelines of Google. Penguin affects the ranking of websites that has purchased links.